What is Anti Peep Magnetic Phone Cases  


It is a protective cover that can prevent the phone screen from being peeped, and has a magnetic function, which is simple and easy to use.


anti peep magnetic phone cases

Why Prevent Peeping?


It is because of the principle of blinds.




The principle of anti-peeping film for mobile phones is similar to that of blinds. Light can only be emitted from a specific angle, and light from other angles will be blocked. Therefore, only the user facing the screen can receive this part of the light and see the content on the screen clearly.


anti peep magnetic phone cases

The anti-peeping film is a semi-rigid plastic film covering the glass screen, which can reduce the display angle of the screen. The thickness is about 0.25mm.


 The anti-peep film can prevent peeping because of the use of ultra-fine shutter optical technology. Reduce the distance between the blind stripes that we see every day, and implant hundreds of ultra-fine louver layers in a protective film.


Thanks to the ultra-fine shutter optical technology, the front of the screen has the highest transmittance and strongest visibility. With the tilt of the angle, the transmittance will gradually decrease and the screen will gradually become darker.


So will the dimming of the screen brightness affect the eyesight? The optometrist at the relevant eye hospital said after consulting the relevant literature that there is no corresponding industry standard for the anti-peeping film.


If it is a qualified product produced by a regular manufacturer, it will not cause damage to eyesight, because many smart phone screens are Very bright, it will have a bad effect on the eyes, after attaching the anti-peeping film, it will play a certain protective effect on the eyes.


What Is The Anti-peeping Angle?


Generally, the screen cannot be seen clearly when the side is 35° to 45°. Only the positive person can see the screen clearly.



anti peep magnetic phone cases  angle

What Are The Benefits Of Anti-peeping Phone Cases


Prevent leakage of mobile phone privacy. For example, you can effectively protect your privacy when using mobile phone payment and private chat.


Anti-scratch function. There is no need to stick a mobile phone screen protector separately.


Decrease the brightness of the phone and make it more user-friendly in dark places.


The installation is simple, just pull up and down.


The frame of the mobile phone case is made of metal and has a certain anti-fall and anti-collision function.


Disadvantages Of Anti-peeping Phone Case


It may be that the phone becomes bigger.


It may reduce the touch sensitivity of the screen.


Not a particularly good protective case, especially when compared with professional anti-drop mobile phone cases.


Things To Pay Attention To When Buying An Anti-peeping Phone Case


Pay attention to whether the frame has holes, such as signal holes, speaker holes, etc.


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Because the frame of the anti-peeping phone case is generally metal, metal will block the signal. So pay attention when buying.


It is recommended to buy a mobile phone case with a lanyard hole


anti peep magnetic phone cases  holes

Sometimes you will need to use the lanyard hole, which will be more convenient when going out.


Pay attention to the sealing degree and suction force of the upper and lower covers of the phone case


Poor sealing and insufficient suction force will cause the phone case to be dislocated or even fall off.


Does it support wireless charging? If the phone itself has a wireless charging function.


Adapted mobile phone models


Iphone series: It is suitable for almost all Iphone models, of course Iphone6 ​​models and newer models.


Sumsung series: some mid-to-high-end models


Huawei series: some high-end models